Report a felt earthquake

Did you feel it? Select an earthquake from the list below to view a map or submit your own report. If you can't find the quake you felt just recently, please wait a few minutes for it to appear online. If you still can't find it, or for past earthquakes, please report it here.

Date Type Magnitude Location Felt Did you feel it?
2021-01-25 MN 3.2 Mining related event, Laronde Mine - felt report
2021-01-25 MN 2.8 13 km N of Shawville, QC report
2021-01-15 MN 3.7 6 km N of Lively, ON report
2021-01-15 MN 3.2 3 km NW of Lively, ON report
2021-01-09 ML 3.8 12 km WSW of Haines Junction, YT report